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Andy Kim

Running for NJ's Third Congressional District

“I'm running for Congress because you deserve a government that works for you. You deserve leaders that put your priorities first and fight for what you need.” -Andy Kim  

Andy grew up in the Third District, where he hit his first home run, earned his first paycheck, and graduated from public school. He went on to become a Rhodes Scholar, a diplomat, and a father. 

As a career public servant he served as a strategic adviser to Generals David Petraeus and John Allen, leading a global war against ISIS from our U.S. military headquarters in Afghanistan. He has worked with both Democrats and Republicans to keep our nation safe, and above politics.

A child of immigrants, he believes all of our stories have a lot in common as we are all working hard to forge a life full of love and purpose. Andy is focused first and foremost on you, your family, and your community.

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Brian Forde

Running for CA's 45th Congressional District

“At this unique moment in history, the decisions we make will set our country’s course for years to come. We have a choice: We can define our future or be defined by it. I choose to define it.” -Brian Forde

Brian was born and raised in Tustin. He built his first computer, took his first college course, and started his first company in District 45. Brian has spent his life using technology to help others, from the Peace Corps to the White House.

Brian served in the Peace Corps in Nicaragua where he taught business skills to high school students. After his time with the Peace Corps, he founded a phone company to provide low-cost calls to Nicaraguans. After his time with the Peace Corps, he stayed in Nicaragua to found a company to provide low cost calls to the residents of Nicaragua. 

He was then tapped by President Obama as a Senior Technology Advisor at the White House, working with tech companies and members of the President’s Cabinet to modernize how citizens interact with government and give more Americans the skills they need for jobs in today’s technology-driven economy.

After three and a half years in the White House, he left to lead a research group at the MIT Media Lab and teach students at the MIT Sloan School of Management about the power of digital currencies and how we can use technology to address economic inequality.

Join Brian in the fight to empower our families, build our future, and defend our values.

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Running for IL's 14th Congressional District

“I’m running for Congress because I believe this moment in history requires courageous people to stand up and fight to restore our voice in Washington.”  -Lauren Underwood

Lauren grew up in Naperville, the community where she learned the importance of service and earned her first Girl Scout badge. On her first day in Girl Scouts, Lauren made the pledge “to help people at all times.” A Registered Nurse, Lauren has turned that pledge into action. She  worked to implement health reform and improve healthcare quality for millions of Americans in the private insurance market and the Medicare program. She also served in the Obama Administration, courageously helping communities across the country prevent, prepare for, and respond to disasters, bioterror threats and public health emergencies.

Now she is looking to serve in a different way, representing Illinois’ 14th District in Congress. Lauren will fight for families who know that strong jobs and access to affordable health care will help get northern Illinois back on track. 

Lauren will fight for families who know that strong jobs and access to affordable health care will help get northern Illinois back on track. 

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