At CHORUS Agency, we don't work with just anybody. We are looking for leaders who will drive a culture shift in our politics, strengthen our democracy, and bring a spirit of public service to governing.

We evaluate candidates based on the following criteria:


We believe the conversation can only change with new voices driving the dialogue. We focus on supporting candidates who have not yet held elected office.


We believe that the best leaders move others to action by listening, and building meaningful and authentic relationships grounded in common purpose. Rather than try to “measure” authenticity, we will ask for testimonials and character references.

Demonstrated Leadership

We define leadership as the ability to move others to action around a common purpose. We’re not looking for the loudest talkers; we’re looking for the most effective organizers with a proven track record of empowering and serving communities.


We want to help candidates who have real potential to win, but could use some extra support to get there. To that end, we’re looking for candidates who have a reasonable chance of winning their seat, but are not necessarily shoe-ins.


Values Alignment

We seek candidates who demonstrate a commitment to advancing equity, opportunity, inclusion, and justice. Our candidates prioritize civil liberties and human rights, including the rights of historically marginalized populations such as minorities and women.

Diversity and Representation

The lack of diversity in our government at all levels is holding our country back. We are committed to supporting candidates who are reflective of their districts, who will represent all voices, and usher in a more inclusive age of leadership. This is intrinsic to our approach.

Fit and Need

We support candidates who are committed to running inclusive, people-focused campaigns. And while we’d love to work with candidates running for all levels of office, we are best positioned to help low-resource races at the state or Congressional level who might not otherwise have access to advanced support and resources. 

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