CHORUS Agency is a network of experienced campaign organizers and strategists who are providing pro bono support to help elect exceptional, progressive leaders to Congress and state legislatures. 


Authentic leaders are out there. There are just many, many barriers in place that keep them from running and winning elections. Among those barriers is the cost of necessary support. This is particularly true for low-resource, congressional and state level races — the places we need strong leaders the most. The best strategists in the business simply aren’t affordable for most candidates. Until now. 

We believe that we can change the culture of politics and strengthen our democracy by developing and supporting a new generation of progressive leaders to serve in elected office. We support candidates who are reflective of their districts, demonstrate leadership in their communities, and are committed to our core values: equity, opportunity, inclusion, and justice. But this is about more than making an impact through policy; we seek candidates who will change the tone and tenor of the dialogue, usher in a new age of inclusive leadership, and inspire us all to answer the call of citizenship. 

How It Works   

We’ve carefully vetted and assembled a team of strategists who want to support authentic leaders who will drive long-term change. These pro bono advisors have committed to full-day strategy sessions and/or sustained weekly support throughout an election cycle. Every advisor on our team is a leading expert with multiple cycles of experience. We work with candidates to refine their story and message. Then our advisors help campaigns take a strategic, holistic approach to amplifying that message with voters.  We specialize in: